The more TREES we plan, The BETTER for our planet.


We are ready to our plant your trees for you. You have four continents to choose from : Africa, Asia, North America and South America.


Planting Trees is fun and useful for our planet.Join now our Tree Pose Challenge with thousand of other ethical citizens planting trees around the world.


Invite your friends and family to do the challenge on Facebook and twitter or other social
media. Also, please “Like” us on the Tree Pose Challenge Facebook page

Ethical Panda gives you the chance to directly contribute to global reforestation efforts. We provide you with the resources to plant trees all over the world, as well as the confidence that these trees are being planted to the highest standards. Our peer-to-peer platform is the best way to get involved by creating your own campaign pageand sharing it with friends and family. We work with leading NGOs so that you can feel confident that your donations, fundraisers and social media shares are contributing to our mission of planting healthy and sustainable forests worldwide.