Who started Ethical Panda?

Alex Antar from Ireland. A full time dad and IT professional by profession.

Alex set up Ethical Panda.org with the objective to harness the power of the internet and social media hoping that people of all ages and social backgrounds would kindly lend a hand or few dollars to plant one or more trees.

The dollars that we collect, with the help of our global tree planting partners and, will allow us to plant and grow millions of trees and forests around the world.
All you need to do is to plant a tree by yourself and send us a picture so we can hang it on our online community wall. Otherwise, let us plant the tree for you in the region of your choice by giving few dollars if you can.

Where in the world does Ethical Panda operate?

We currently have partners in Canada, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, and the United States, but are always looking for more places in which to plant.

Who does Ethical Panda partner with to plant trees?

We work with leading non-governmental organizations in the industry to make sure that our trees are planted correctly. We make commitments to these partners and rely on donations to be able to fulfill them. You can learn more about each of our partners here:

Komaza: http://www.komaza.org/
Smallholder Farmer’s Alliance: http://www.smallholderfarmersalliance.org/
Sustainable Harvest International: http://www.sustainableharvest.org/
Summit Reforestation: http://www.summitplanting.com/
Trees4Trees: http://www.trees4trees.org/
US Forest Service: http://www.fs.fed.us/
World Land Trust: http://www.worldlandtrust.org/

What kind of trees does Ethical Panda plant?

We are very careful to plant species of trees that is most beneficial to the local ecosystem in each of our planting regions. We rely and check up on our partners in the field to ensure that every tree planted is an appropriate species. For more information on which species are planted in each regions, visit our partners’ sites.

How do I know that my tree survives?

The survival rate of our trees relies on the tree planters who we partner with. That’s why we work so hard to ensure that we are partnered with the best NGOs around the globe. Our partners work tirelessly to make sure that the trees they foster are stored, planted, and protected to the highest standard. As a result, Ethical Panda is proud to boast over an 80%survival rate for all of our trees.

Where does my dollar go when I donate?

Every area for tree planting is somewhat different, but the steps to plant a tree are consistent throughout. Every dollar donated goes toward a nursery for the tree before it’s planted, the sapling itself, labour, transportation, site preparation and overhead costs. To see a more detailed breakdown, visit our How We Work page.

What is Ethical Panda’s 80-20 model?

We are dedicated to transparency when it comes to planting trees. The 80-20 model for charities dictates that at least 80% of our annual revenue is put straight toward our charitable activities, namely planting trees. Despite the fact that this is rule is no longer enforced by many governments, we continue to uphold that standard.

What is the impact of one tree?

Trees are so much more important than many of us realize, and one tree can be incredibly powerful. Aside from cooling the earth, naturally filtering water and creating natural medicines, one tree can absorb over a ton of carbon, provide hundreds of pounds of oxygen, and act as a habitat for thousands of species! To learn more about the impact of one tree, visit our Why Trees page.

How can I get in contact with someone from Ethical Panda?

Our team is extremely excited to work with everyone who wants to get involved! You can email alex@ethicalpanda.com if you have any questions or want to find out how you can help us.